Setup and Activate Roku Account online

Roku Activate

Roku is the streaming device that gives you the access to a massive range of content and is cost efficient also. But you start using your device, you will need to setup and activate your Roku. The Roku setup is very easy and trouble-free. But there might be some queries in your mind regarding the setup process of your Roku. But don’t worry. To help you out we have come with the setup and Roku activation process in some simple and easy to follow steps:

New account on Roku website

  • When you power on your Roku for the very first time, then to guide you, all the necessary information is displayed on the screen. Then it will give you a Roku activation link for entering the code and activating your device.
  • The Roku link code will activate your account.
  • Then go on the website of Roku and provide them that link code which is shown on your Tv screen and that’s it. Now you can enter the world of endless streaming.

Account Registration

  • After providing the Roku activation code to the site, you will need to provide some more information for your account such as your payment information, the method for getting extra channels of your choice.
  • Though you can delete the channels from your account. You can also skip the payment info and register your account without providing payment info. But you will have to provide it later when you will buy any channel.

Setup of PIN Number

  • A 4-digit pin number is added to your Roku account. This is not essential, but it could be beneficial to avoid any unnecessary purchases or unauthorized use of your account.
  • When you add a pin number that will always be required when you will make purchases from Roku channel store. This pin will not be required in case of any free channel. Then only your user Id and password will be required. Roku support can be taken in case of any queries.

Providing Payment details

  • Your account will have a web page form for adding the payment details so that you can easily make purchases. You will have to provide your credit card number, the expiry date of the card, name, address, phone number, and a code.
  • You can also remove your payment details by going on the payment method option under account settings. You can click on remove button under payment method and it will be removed. Roku help is always there to guide you in case you encounter any issue.

Troubleshooting some Issues

Trouble in creating or completing Roku account process

If you face any issue while adding your payment methods then try these steps:

  • Try another card and see whether it works.
  • Try using another payment method like PayPal.
  • Be sure to use the updated version of the browser. If it’s not like that, then you can change the browser.
  • After the five failed effort yo will be given the option of creating your account without adding any payment method to it.
  • If the issue is still there, the Roku customer support can be taken.

Forgot the username or password

If by any chance you forgot your password, then its retrieval is easy. The new password will be sent to you via email on your registered email account. For resetting your password you will have to visit password section and enter your new password and confirm in the next entry and click on save for saving all the changes made by you.

Roku is stuck on Link code screen

When you enter your code activation for activation, then it will take a few minutes to complete the processing. But after some time if it is still on the same screen, then be sure that you have complete all the necessary steps required for activation on the website.After that, if you see error 001 or message of not connected, then it is the issue with your network connection. Check your internet connection and connect your device properly.

Error while entering the code

If you are unable to enter your Roku activation link code, then try to enter it again ensuring that the correct code is being entered by you. If you still not able to enter then you can request for a new code and enter that code and complete the activation process. For any kind of activation issue, you can take the guidance from customer service.


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