How can you setup Roku Ultra?

Roku Ultra is the streaming device that supports 720p, 1080p full HD, 4K UHD and 4K Ultra HD HDR(high dynamic range). This Roku model ships with an augmented point anywhere remote that is compatible with voice search, gaming buttons, remote finder, and private listening through a headphone jack on the remote.

Roku Ultra works with every TV with an HDMI connection. But you will not be able to take the advantage of 4k resolution if you are not using it with 4k compatible TV or 4k HDR without a 4k HDR compatible TV. You can take Roku support to get more information about Roku Ultra.

Roku Customer Support

Roku Ultra Setup

Choose a language

After connecting your Roku Ultra with power outlet and your TV, you will switch it on. The first screen that you will see, will allow you to choose a language. All the text and dialog within your Roku application will appear in this selected language. Scroll up had down the list and press OK for selecting a language. All your channels will also be translated in the selected language. But there might be the channels that will not support this feature.

Connect your Roku to the network

  • You can choose your desired network from the list of the networks available and then enter its password. This will be the same network on which you connect your smartphone or PC.

  • You can choose the option of show password if you want to see the password entered by you. This will prevent you from entering the wrong password.

  • After entering the password, choose the option of connecting. After this, you Roku Ultra will automatically connect to the internet.

Wait for Roku to download the latest software

After connecting to the network, your Roku device will automatically download the latest version of Roku OS software and then reboot. Even if there would be any channel update, that will also be updated by the device itself.

Create a Roku account and activate your device

  • Firstly, you will have to create a Roku account and then you will have to link it with your Roku device. Your account keeps all the information related to the devices and channels owned by you. This also allows you to add and buy channels and Tv shows & movies.
  • All the instructions related to Roku activation will be displayed on your TV screen.

  • After this, you will see an activation code along with Roku activation link. Go to that link and enter the code displayed on your TV screen and follow the instructions.

You are done!

After completing the code activation steps, your Roku Ultra is ready for starting your never ending entertainment.

How can you reset your Roku Streaming Stick?

Roku has emerged as one of the prime streaming players in the industry. The Roku streaming device is constantly improving with the growing diverse range of its devices. Among this diverse range is Roku streaming stick, which is the small thing and easily portable dongle. You can get the finest of the entertainment in the most promising way with this stick. But sometimes, the device has to face some issues, which need to sort out so that device can function smoothly. Sometimes just resetting the device sorts out a maximum number of issues. Though you can take Roku setup technical help, we have also come with the soft and hard reset of this streaming stick in simple steps.

Soft reset

Here we will let you know the steps of reaching factory reset option in easy steps:
  • First of all, navigate the settings menu.
  • Now select the option of Advanced system settings.
  • After this click on factory reset option.
  • Now enter the on-screen code. You might also get Roku activation code on your screen that you will have to enter. Then follow the instructions and after that Roku will be factory reset within no time. You can contact Roku support if you want any information.
Roku Streaming Stick

Hard Reset

If the soft reset doesn’t work, then you can go for a hard reset. Though it is not the good option for your device, you have to opt it sometimes. Here’s what you need to do:
  • Firstly, locate the reset button on your Roku device. The button location will depend on your device. The older models need a pin or paper clip to reset. But new models such as Roku streaming stick 2016 or Roku 4, come with a proper reset button and you just have to press that button.
  • Now hold the reset button until the logo of the device appears on the screen. After the appearance of the screen, follow the setup process. If you encounter any issue, then you can take Roku support.

How can Roku Activation Issues be resolved?

Roku is a streaming device which lets you stream unlimited content. But before you start using it, you have to activate it. For going on Roku Activation link, it must be connected to your Roku account. Your Roku account has all the information related to the devices and channels owned by you along with your preferences and settings.
During the process of activation, you have to visit website on your smartphone or PC and you have to enter the Roku Activation code which is displayed on your TV. But at times some users get trouble at this stage. SO, for resolving the issues related to Roku Activation, we have come up with the troubleshooting of these issues:

Roku Activation link

Error while entering the link code on the website

If you encounter any issue while entering Roku Activation code, then you can try to enter it for the second time. There might have been the typing error or some other temporary network or system error. If the issue still persists, then try doing these:
Go back again to your Roku device and click on help > Get a new code.
Once you get the new code or Roku Activation link, then go to the official site of Roku and enter that code.

Roku device is stuck on Link code screen

Sometimes, you see that when you enter your Roku activation code your device gets stuck at that screen, then you can wait for some time since it takes few seconds to complete the activation process. If the device is still on the same screen, then try following these steps:

Firstly, you have to make sure that you have completed all necessary steps for activating your Roku device because completing all the steps at the website for Roku activation is necessary otherwise activation process will not be completed.

If you see error 001 along with the message not connected at the upper right corner of the TV screen, then it means that it is the issue related to your internet connectivity. You can choose the option of try again and also check your wi-fi connection. 

So, these were the common issues that you might encounter while entering Roku activation code along with the easy fixes. If you still encounter any issue, then you can take the help of the support center.

A Quick Guide for Private Roku Channels

Roku is the device with which you will get the access to a massive range of channels. All these channels are available in Roku channel store. But there some more channels, you might have heard about that and they are known as Roku private channels. Private channels are same as any other channel of Roku, except that they are not listed at Roku channel store. Get more information about these channels at Roku Support.

There are many reasons why a channel is a private channel.  It might be a beta version that has not been fully developed or tested. Another reason is that it might have a very limited target audience. The next reason is that the channel might have some adult content and is not eligible for listing in the channel store under the terms of use of Roku.

The process of adding these private channels to your Roku setup is only via Roku website. First of all, you will have to log into your Roku account > My Account page > Manage account > Add a private channel link. Select that link, Enter your Activation Code, and choose the option of Add channel.

At this stage, you might encounter the error of invalid Roku link code. Private channels are very uncertain. These just come and go. So, when this error happens and the code entered by you is correct, then there are chances that the channel has been abandoned by the developer or its code has been updated for allowing the access to a newer version of the channel.
If the code entered is valid, then a channel logo will appear and ask you to select Yes, Add Channel. If you want to access your channel instantly, then you will have to refresh your channels on your device by going to Settings > System update or Settings > Player info and check for an update. If You don’t want this, then you can wait for the updates on your device. In the case of any query, you can take Roku help.

Roku private channels have very interesting and wonderful content of every type to watch. Here we have come up with some of the private channels that you would like to know about:

Music Man
Here you can stream more than 120 music video channels from around the world.

Resilient Christian Radio
This is an astonishing internet radio channel that brings to you the wonderful word of God.

Roku Cast

This is a Chrome extension that will let you cast HTML 5 content from the browser to your Roku device. This needs no companion Roku channel.

Euro Roku

With this, you can stream live Bulgarian, Moldovian, French and German channels.

c Cloud Tv
This is the cloud-based IPTV service that links to the entertainment media.

Roku Movies
This is the perfect blend of old classics and latest Hollywood movies.

Shockwerks TV
This channel is the collection of streaming of horror, some sci-fi, music, and comedy.

Live World News

With this channel, you will get the live news feed from the major networks.


This channel streams the collection of independent cartoons and animated features.

Space-Time Free
With this channel, you can stream the regularly updated video content from the space agencies all across.

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