A Quick Guide for Private Roku Channels

Roku is the device with which you will get the access to a massive range of channels. All these channels are available in Roku channel store. But there some more channels, you might have heard about that and they are known as Roku private channels. Private channels are same as any other channel of Roku, except that they are not listed at Roku channel store. Get more information about these channels at Roku Support.

There are many reasons why a channel is a private channel.  It might be a beta version that has not been fully developed or tested. Another reason is that it might have a very limited target audience. The next reason is that the channel might have some adult content and is not eligible for listing in the channel store under the terms of use of Roku.

The process of adding these private channels to your Roku setup is only via Roku website. First of all, you will have to log into your Roku account > My Account page > Manage account > Add a private channel link. Select that link, Enter your Activation Code, and choose the option of Add channel.

At this stage, you might encounter the error of invalid Roku link code. Private channels are very uncertain. These just come and go. So, when this error happens and the code entered by you is correct, then there are chances that the channel has been abandoned by the developer or its code has been updated for allowing the access to a newer version of the channel.
If the code entered is valid, then a channel logo will appear and ask you to select Yes, Add Channel. If you want to access your channel instantly, then you will have to refresh your channels on your device by going to Settings > System update or Settings > Player info and check for an update. If You don’t want this, then you can wait for the updates on your device. In the case of any query, you can take Roku help.

Roku private channels have very interesting and wonderful content of every type to watch. Here we have come up with some of the private channels that you would like to know about:

Music Man
Here you can stream more than 120 music video channels from around the world.

Resilient Christian Radio
This is an astonishing internet radio channel that brings to you the wonderful word of God.

Roku Cast

This is a Chrome extension that will let you cast HTML 5 content from the browser to your Roku device. This needs no companion Roku channel.

Euro Roku

With this, you can stream live Bulgarian, Moldovian, French and German channels.

c Cloud Tv
This is the cloud-based IPTV service that links to the entertainment media.

Roku Movies
This is the perfect blend of old classics and latest Hollywood movies.

Shockwerks TV
This channel is the collection of streaming of horror, some sci-fi, music, and comedy.

Live World News

With this channel, you will get the live news feed from the major networks.


This channel streams the collection of independent cartoons and animated features.

Space-Time Free
With this channel, you can stream the regularly updated video content from the space agencies all across.


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