How can Roku Activation Issues be resolved?

Roku is a streaming device which lets you stream unlimited content. But before you start using it, you have to activate it. For going on Roku Activation link, it must be connected to your Roku account. Your Roku account has all the information related to the devices and channels owned by you along with your preferences and settings.
During the process of activation, you have to visit website on your smartphone or PC and you have to enter the Roku Activation code which is displayed on your TV. But at times some users get trouble at this stage. SO, for resolving the issues related to Roku Activation, we have come up with the troubleshooting of these issues:

Roku Activation link

Error while entering the link code on the website

If you encounter any issue while entering Roku Activation code, then you can try to enter it for the second time. There might have been the typing error or some other temporary network or system error. If the issue still persists, then try doing these:
Go back again to your Roku device and click on help > Get a new code.
Once you get the new code or Roku Activation link, then go to the official site of Roku and enter that code.

Roku device is stuck on Link code screen

Sometimes, you see that when you enter your Roku activation code your device gets stuck at that screen, then you can wait for some time since it takes few seconds to complete the activation process. If the device is still on the same screen, then try following these steps:

Firstly, you have to make sure that you have completed all necessary steps for activating your Roku device because completing all the steps at the website for Roku activation is necessary otherwise activation process will not be completed.

If you see error 001 along with the message not connected at the upper right corner of the TV screen, then it means that it is the issue related to your internet connectivity. You can choose the option of try again and also check your wi-fi connection. 

So, these were the common issues that you might encounter while entering Roku activation code along with the easy fixes. If you still encounter any issue, then you can take the help of the support center.


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