How can you Stream Emmys 2017 on your Roku?

As the season of Fall TV is gearing up, the biggest stars of the TV are getting ready for the big event of 69th Annual Prime time Emmy Awards. We will not be able to tell you about what This is Us will reveal about the death of Jack in the season 2  or who is the Night King in the Games of Thrones, but the thing we can tell you is how you can stream Emmys, its red carpet along with all the top nominations. You just have to enter the Roku activation link code, activate Roku channels and enjoy.

Roku Activation Link Support

Live Streaming the Red Carpet for free

You just have to head to the People TV on September 17 at 6 pm ET for getting the live streaming of all glamour and glitz courtesy of People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly. If you are actually interested in continuing awards show afterglow, then you have to check out the fashion recap of People TV on the very next day on September 18th.

Watching Award Show

You can stream the Emmy awards live on CBS All Access on Sunday, September 17th at 8 pm ET. So, just go to Roku activation code link and add the channels or services so that you should not any action or news related to Emmy.

Watching Nominated Shows

There are many options by which you can watch the nominated shows on your Roku device. There are many services & channels such as HBO NOW, Hulu, ABC, Amazon Video and many more channels by which you can enjoy each and every moment, news, and action of Emmy awards. You just have to visit our website and there you will get the complete list of nominated shows along with the name of the channels or services on which you can enjoy Emmy Awards.

Catching your Favorite Stars

Do you want to catch your favorite stars? Want o know what Samantha Bess star of the Show Full Fontal With Samantha Bee has picked up 7 nominations,  Leslie Jones who is the nominee for the award of Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, or Sarah Silverman who has 2 nominations for her special Sarah Silverman: Speck of Dust would do if they all will rule the world? For this also you have to check out the Emmy Portfolio series PLUS of People TV. For more information, you can take Roku support.


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