A Quick Guide for Deleting Roku Channels

When you get your Roku device for the first time, you try to add as many channels as you can thinking that you should have the maximum for you and your family. This is true, but there comes a time when you think there are many channels that you don’t need anymore or the content of some channels is not feasible for you. In that, you must look out for the way to delete these channels. Here are the methods by which you can delete the unnecessary channels.

Roku Setup Tech Help

There are three main ways by which you can easily delete the unnecessary Roku channels from your Roku account. These methods are:
  • Removing the Roku channels by using your TV.
  • Removing the Roku channels form Roku channel Store
  • Removing the channels from the Roku mobile app

Before deleting any channel you need to be sure that you don’t have already paid a subscription for any channel and there should not be any kind of validity period for them.

Removal of channels from your TV

  • For going on to the main page, press the home button from your TV’s remote.
  • Now browse through the channels and select those channels which you want to delete.
  • After this press, the start button on the remote for getting the options menu.
  • Now after this you will have to choose the option of remove channel and then confirm the removal of the channel.

Removing channels on the Roku channel Store

  • Press the home button on the remote of your TV for going on the main screen.
  • For opening the Roku channel store, choose the option of streaming channels.
  • Now highlight the channel that you want to remove and after that press the Ok button on the remote of your TV.
  • Select the option of remove channels from the list of the options that are available and then confirm it.
  • In the same way, you can remove the other channels also.

Removal of Channels from Roku device via Roku mobile App

  • Open the Roku mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Choose the channel option in the navigation bar.
  • Now choose the option of My channel s from the channels tab to see all those channels that you have added to your Roku account.     
  • After this long press, the channel for viewing the options and now is the time to choose the option of remove channel.

So these are the steps that are easy enough for removing any channel from your device. But for adding or deleting any channel, you must have to activate Roku. If you find any issues in Roku activation link code, then can visit our website or contact us at 1800-723-9492.

Troubleshooting Roku Setup Problems

Get rid of Roku Setup problems to access favorite movies as well as TV shows. All you need to have is an active internet connection and Roku account. Setting up your Roku account is quite easy.

Roku Setup Tech Help

Here are some of the easiest ways in which you can resolve Roku setup problems:-
The first step is to check whether you have an active internet connection. Most of the problems with these devices occur when you are not able to connect to your home network. If you are experiencing any problem with your device then first of all you must ensure that your router setting is fine, besides ensuring that your connection is active.

Go to settings> Network > Check internet connection
  • Follow the setup instructions carefully. In case you have missed any step then it can give rise to issues related to setup.
  • Follow the instructions given on our website carefully.
  • Make sure that you have entered the correct username and password. The username and password of wireless networks are often case sensitive.
  • Avoid placing obstructions or external devices between your Roku device and router as interference from external devices can often affect the signal strength.
Restart your device:-

Restarting your device is the best option to overcome most of the issues related set up. Here are some very important steps to restart it:-
  • For Roku players go to the setting> System > System restart
  • In case you are using a Roku TV then Go to settings> System> System restart
  • If possible then unplug the Roku device from power cords, wait for a few seconds and back plugin back again.
  • You also have the option of restarting y our router by following instructions provided by router vendor or manufacturer.
  • Manuals that come with these devices as well as routers have a set of guidelines for resolving Roku setup problems.
  • Error codes such as 009, 012, 013 as well as 14 are some of the issues that pop up during the setup problems and you can resolve them by either checking your wired connection or restarting your device.
  • Playing your streams can also give rise to the problems related to channel playback or videos.
  • Ensure that the power cables that you use for connecting your device or router are properly inserted into the slot.
In order to know more about troubleshooting Roku Setup Problems get in touch with our expert on the toll-free number:-+ 1-800- 723-9492. You can also take our Roku Activation link support.

A Glimpse of New Streaming Player Buffet by Roku

The lineup of streaming media devices by Roku is growing and the new additions to this lineup are the proof of its never-ending growth. On Monday, five new streaming media devices were introduced by Roku that has been designed to provide the new & improved ways of getting the content to the users. The price range of the streaming players is from $29.99 to $99.99 and they offer several features and wonderful functionality. For using these devices and getting the content, you have to complete the process of Roku link code activation for completing the setup of the device.

The Roku Express of the introductory level has been priced at $29.99. It targets the cord cutters who want to stream the content to the TV and those who are interested in extending their Roku experience to the additional TV screens in the house.

A step up in the functionality is Roku Express+ which provides the options to a TV through the HDMI or composite AV ports. This device will cost the users for $39.99 and is available exclusively at the Walmart.

The Roku Streaming Stick, which will be available soon at the price of $49.99, can be tucked out of sight by connecting at the back side of the TV. This stick features a quad-core processor, along with 802.11 AC dual-band MIMO wireless, and is supported by the voice remote including the TV power and volume buttons.

Streaming 4K Content

The all-new Roku Streaming Stick Plus which has been priced at $69.99 has a built-in wireless receiver into the power cord. It offers the wireless range which is four times more than as compared to the previous Roku streaming stick. This new streaming stick plus supports HD, 4K and 4K HDR content at the speed of up to 60 frames per second. For more information, you can take Roku Activation Code Services .

The flagship product of Roku which is Roku Ultra has been priced at $99.99.  This device can stream the content in 4k, 4K HDR, and HD at the speed of up to 60 frames per second. It also features an Ethernet port for the wired connectivity and a micro SD slot for aiding the load time of the streaming content. Along with that it also has a headphone jack for the private listening and a remote finder button.

All the products of Roku including Roku Express, Roku streaming stick, Roku Ultra, and Roku Streaming Stick Plus are available on pre-order from Roku, Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, and other retailers and they will ship to store around October 8th. But one product Roku Express + is exclusively available at the Walmart. All the customers who will buy the new lineup of the Roku devices will also receive a $10 Vudu credit towards a rental or purchase and it will good through October.

The new lineup of Roku has been intended to ensure that all the customers whether they are new or returning must find what they need. The main aim of Roku is to provide the right device at the right time and this will help the company in capturing the interest of the consumers. In case of any query related to the Roku devices, you can take Roku Support.

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