Clever Tricks for Your Roku device

We love the Roku. The series of digital media player are currently revolutionizing how we access, watch and interact with video content on television.
Roku devices are anything but difficult to set up and utilize. There are loads of little tips and traps that will enhance your experience.

  • Private channels
  • Secret Menus
  • Use your phone as a keyword
  • Use a USB stick
  • Protect your account
  • Rename your Roku
  • Reorder your Channel
  • Add extra money
  • Add a screensaver
PRIVATE CHANNELS: Including private channels is simple, you have to simply grab the vital code from the channel's homepage.Click include channel, and the channel will available on your gadget inside 24 hours. This  is the fantastic way of expanding the content available to you and helping you cut the cord in order to save money.

SECRET MENUS: Secret menus is the biggest secret among the list.It is used for accessing the system root setting.They also allow you to side one cycle. 

Here is a rundown of as of now working mystery menus:

  • Home x 3 + U x 2 + R + L + R + L + R: Developer settings
  • Home x 3 + U x 2 + L + R + L + R + L: Channel info
  • Home x 5 + R + L + R + L + R: Network info
  • Home x 5 + U + RW x 2 + FF x 2: Reboot Device
USE YOUR PHONE AS A KEYBOARD: Roku remote is perfect for navigating between channels and playing/pausing videos but it is really annoying to use when you need to type anything.

When you need to add login details, enter Wi-Fi password or engage with your device. Roku makes a great smartphone app for Android and iOS.These app let you use your phone as a keyword.

USE A USB STICK: The Roku 3 and Roku 4 come furnished with a USB port. IF your TV does not have USB port, you can still enjoy media that saved on portable devices.

  • To use Use a USB stick you need to install Roku MEdia Player Channel from roku store. 
  • Once, you complete installing, Plug in USB stick, fire up channel and use the remote to navigate the content of your need.

PROTECT YOUR ACCOUNT: You can even protect your kids from channels which you don't ant them to see. You need to login to your account and go to "choose your pin preference". 

RENAME YOUR DEVICE:  If you have Roku in your home, it is tempting to add another and another. In this case it is important to rename your device. This makes things much easier to manage when adding new channels. 
  • To rename the device you just need to login to your account as
  • Scroll down to the list of devices 
  • Click add a new name.

REORDER YOUR CHANNELS LIST: The channels you used to watch the most, reorder them to the top of your list. To move channels:
  • Use the remote to highlight the question
  • press the star button 
  • Choose move channel.
INCLUDE N EXTRA MEMORY: Roku gadgets have a restricted memory which in the end going to hit your storage point of confinement and unfit to substance.
  • To extent the memory of your device you need to add MicroSD card just follow some onscreen instruction.

ADDING  SCREENSAVER: Setting up a screensaver is much prettier than watching the Roku logo bouncing around the TV screen.

If you've got some tricks that we haven't covered, we would love to hear from you. You'll be helping out both ourselves. You can leave your ideas and suggestions below .


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