Garmin dispatches Running Clinics crosswise over India

Garmin India has launched"Running Clinics" across the three Indian metro cities that is Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai. The word Clinic implies a community of aspirants for those who wish to enhance their skills on specific like running marathons.

Garmin India's "Running Clinic" are networks of novice sprinters, competitors who look for proficient direction and know how to keep running in marathons

Garmin India is a unit of Garmin Ltd, the market leaders in satellite navigation and GPS products has launched communities of amateur runners, athletes who seek professional guidance and know-how to run in marathons.
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The coaches will specifically deepen the understanding on the following areas:
  • How GPS helps measure effective eun and elevation
  • How Lactic Threshold can be improved with the interval training.
  • Importance of heart rate
  • Role of fitness, training and recovery adviser
  • Selection of training plan and diet plan
  • Run-Walk method for better results
Garmin Running Clinics offers opportunities to engage and share fun activities.Running Clinics is one of its kind concepts that will train the athletes for run. It will also keep people connected to each other and add excitements to their lives.


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